Artefakt is a coffee roastery and Risograph print studio in a historical building, the Yoshino Kappanjo in Shimo Furumachi, Niigata. Built in 1916, the building served as a print factory continuously for 101 years. Artefakt now works to preserve and maintain this unique and historically significant building.


On the third floor of Yoshino Kappanjo is the room that houses both Niigata’s first elevator and our roastery.

Artefakt Coffee is a specialty coffee micro roastery. Since 2009, we have been roasting an ever rotating lineup of seasonal coffees in the Shimomachi area. We do our best to ensure that all our coffees meet high standards for social, economic and environmental responsibility.

We roast in small batches when needed so you can always be sure our coffees are the freshest they can be!

Risograph Studio

At ARTEFAKT PRESSwe print posters, postcards, zines and an array of other things. The studio is also available for hourly rental.

Risograph printing is fun and easy, in addition to being environmentally friendly. Risograph prints have a distinctive look and feel. This very pamphlet you’re now holding in your hands was in fact printed on our Risograph machine!

If you’re interested in experimenting with Risograph printing, you have a project you’d like to print, or if you’d like more information, please click the button below.



The Artefakt Shop is on the first floor of the Yoshino Kappanjo building. This is where you can buy our coffees and various Risograph printed items.

In addition to the shop, the space also houses the Yoshino Kappanjo Print Museum, exhibiting hundreds of labels and fliers printed in the building in the 1920’s.

All profits from sales in the shop go to preserving and ultimately restoring the building.

Open hours Monday to Friday 10AM to 5PM.

All products are also available from our online shop.



Artefakt also operates a cafe just 10 minutes walk from our roastery and studio. At Konkret we serve our coffees hot brewed on Aeropress and cold brewed on nitro tap. We also have a variety of craft beer on tap, a selection of homemade cakes, and a lunch menu. And of course you can also buy our coffee beans here!